Syd's Hervey Bay Fishing Guide

Fishing  &  Diving  Guide

In fishing, they say there is nothing like the knowledge of a local to help guide you to the best catch going around.

Having fished the calm and pristine waters of Hervey Bay for over 30 years I've learned where all the good spots are.  I know where to go, what time to be there and where all the different types of fish tend to hang out.  I've recorded the GPS Marks from my own personal GPS.

View details of the original vessels prior to sinking so you can see what is below you.


 I have now put all this information onto a double-sided A4 sheet which I have laminated,therefore making it possible to be carried onboard your boat to be used as reference material.Can be purchased from Fisherman's Corner or Fraser Coast Rod and Reel,along with Syd's underwater D.V.D. of the Roy Rufus Artifical Reef.