Fish Species in Hervey Bay



Yellow Fin Bream - Hervey Bay

Scientific Name Acanthopagrus australis
General Information Known as scavengers they will take most baits.
Preferred Baits Pippies, Prawns, Squid, Mullet Fillet, and any other fleshy baits including salt water yabbies, however they can also be taken using small lures or flies.
Taken Near Bream are often found around oyster beds, structures, mangroves, creek mouths and ocean beach gutters.
Best Times To Catch Night and early morning are the most productive. Winter is the best time between May and August.
Best Rig TypeBream Rig - Hervey BayFished best using light gear, the less lead the better as Bream are a very timid fish and are easily startled.
Line Strength 4 to 6kg
Hook Types/Sizes Size 1 or 1/0


Summer Whiting - Hervey Bay

Scientific Name Sillago ciliata
General Information One of Hervey Bay's most sought after fish. Beautiful white fleshy eating fish, which can be frozen for extended periods without losing it's flavour. Feeding over sand flats they use their snouts to burrow for their food.
Preferred Baits Live Yabbies & Blood worms are best.
Taken Near Sandy Flat areas up to 100m from the shoreline. Can be caught off a boat or from the shore.
Best Times To Catch September till March
Best Rig TypeSand Whiting Rig - Hervey Bay
Line Strength 3 to 4kg Line
Hook Types/Sizes No.3 or No. 4 French Hook.


Winter Whiting - Hervey Bay

Scientific Name Sillago  maculata spp
General Information Prefer deeper water. Dark blotches are found along there body, they feed over weedy sand flats.
Preferred Baits Squid or strips of bullock heart
Taken Near March till July is the main season
Best Times To Catch Not generally caught after dark.
Best Rig Type
Sand Whiting Rig - Hervey Bay
Line Strength 3 to 4kg Line
Hook Types/Sizes No.3 or No. 4 French Hook.


Sand Flathead - Hervey Bay

Scientific Name Platycephalus arenarius
General Information Good eating with firm flesh, this fish should be handled with care because of dangerous spikes either side of there pectoral fin.  Larger flathead over 60 cm. are mostly female and should released for spawning purposes.  Flathead camouflage themselves by burying into the sand.
Preferred Baits Best caught with live baits including tails, fish strips, pilchard and lures.
Taken Near  
Best Times To Catch Generally during the day between September & March.
Best Rig TypeFlathead Rig - Hervey Bay
Line Strength  
Hook Types/Sizes 3/0 mustard hook pierced through the back of the live bait or near the tail.

BLACKALL [Morwong or Painted Sweet-lip]


Scientific Name Plectorhinchus picus
General Information Feed over reef areas mainly on yabbies, crab and squid cut in strips, gently pounded, with an overhand of a few cm. beyond the hook.
Preferred Baits  
Taken Near Outer Banks & Sammies fish well.
Best Times To Catch
Blackall Rig - Hervey Bay
Best caught at night, or in deeper water during the day between February & May
Best Rig Type  
Line Strength 6 to 10 kg line with 45 cm. trace
Hook Types/Sizes 2/0 Hook [540]


School Mackerel - Hervey Bay

Scientific Name Scomberomorus queenslandicus
General Information A predator, hunts schools of small fish. Average size is between 1.5kg and 3kg. Good eating quality.
Preferred Baits Pilchards, Garfish, Live Bats & Lures
Taken Near  
Best Times To Catch  
Best Rig TypeMackerel Rig - Hervey Bay4 to 6kg. Line with gang 3 or 4/0 [4200] gang hooks, with a heavy nylon trace.
Line Strength 4 to 6kg
Hook Types/Sizes 3 or 4/0 [4200] Gang Hooks


Sweet Lip - Hervey Bay

Scientific Name Lethrinus laticaudis
General Information Grows to 5kg. and over, good eating any legal size. Known to be scavengers, will take most baits.  They spook easy so in shallow water cast away from boat.
Preferred Baits Will take most baits
Taken Near Fish the flood tide in shallow water
Best Times To Catch Dusk or Dawn
Caught all year round in deep water
November to April in shallow water
Best Rig TypeCoral Bream Rig - Hervey Bay100cm Trace using a 2/0 [540] Hook
Line Strength 6kg to 10 kg
Hook Types/Sizes 2/0 [540] Hook


Golden Trevally - Hervey Bay

Scientific Name Gnathanodon speciosus
General Information Fair eating but excellent fighters.  The largest of these species the giant Travelly can weigh up to 35 kg.
Preferred Baits A predator living on small fish
Taken Near Reefs, rocky outcrops and piers from deep water to as shallow as 1m
Best Times To Catch Mainly daytime in the middle of the tidal run
October till March best months
Best Rig Type
[ No Image At This Time ]
Line Strength Line strength depends on fish size your after 7kg. to 45 kg
Hook Types/Sizes Hook size depends on fish size your after 7kg. to 45 kg


Scientific Name  
General Information Average size around 2 kg. Can grow to 20 kg. with a very distinguished bump on there forehead. Divers rarely see them as they are quite timid.  These fish make top tucker!
Preferred Baits Pilchards, Mullet fillet strips or whole squid go well with a good burley trail
Taken Near Mainly fished on the bottom they will rise to take a bait mid water
Best Times To Catch Early morning or dusk and during the night on a full moon are best
Best Rig TypeSnapper Rig - Hervey BayGang hooks with pilchard or single strong hooks at the end of a 2m heavy line trace.
Line Strength Line strength depends on fish size your after 4kg to 25kg
Hook Types/Sizes Hook size depends on fish size your after 4kg to 25kg

estuary COD

Estuary Cod - Hervey Bay

Scientific Name Epinephelus coioides  
General Information Often caught in crab pots chasing there favourite snack the mud crab.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Cod keep reefs unsilted  
Preferred Baits Live bait hooked through the back or through the lower lip, making sure to avoid the spine is best, although most dead baits will work  
Taken Near    
Best Times To Catch Small tides fish best
December and May
Best Rig TypeCod Rig - Hervey Bay  
Line Strength Need a strong line as they will dive under the nearest structure  
Hook Types/Sizes With such a large mouth a 7/0 or 12/0 sharp hook is required  


Tailor - Hervey Bay

Scientific Name Pomatomus saltatrix
General Information

These are a great sport fish and are good value to catch. Bleed at once and eat immediately, otherwise iced then down as soon as possible,  however having a soft flesh they don't freeze well. 

Check Fraser Island regulations!

Preferred Baits Pilchards or Garfish fillet or Lures
Taken Near Caught off our beaches at dawn chasing bait fish or battling the surf break on the east coast of Fraser Island
Best Times To Catch Lures work well in Winter, and are best at dawn or dust
Best Rig TypeTailor Rig - Hervey BayGang of 3 x 4/0 hooks below a slightly heavier trace.
Line Strength Line strength depends on fish size your after 0.5kg to 2.5kg
Hook Types/Sizes Gang of 3 x 4/0 hooks


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