SCUBA Diving in Hervey Bay

Only a short 10 minute ride from the Urangan Boat Ramp the protected waters within Hervey Bay provide excellent diving all year round.  Winter time is best when the water is at it’s clearest due to the more stable conditions.  Visibility ranges from 1m to 20m, though one must take into consideration other environmental factors, such as wind direction, current flow and tides. 

Covering an area approx. 3km2 the Roy Rufus Artificial reef is one of the largest Artificial Reefs in Australia.  Other popular sites are Moon Ledge, McKenzie Jetty, Snapper Grounds, Growth on the Goori - Hervey BayChannel Hole, Maringa, Sammies, the Outer Banks, S4 Barge, Sponge Gardens and Roonies (including the Marloo and Chang Chow wrecks on the eastern side of Fraser Island) just to name a few and all with an average depth range between 9m to 30m.

Diving these calm and pristine waters you may encounter Sea Snakes, Sharks, Large Sting Rays, Groper, Dolphins and a very large variety of fish and other crustaceans.  Strong currents run over most dive sites, making it possible for a good drift dive otherwise the tidal run allows a window of approximately one and a half hour window of slack water.  Temperature ranges from 18̊c in winter to 26̊c in the summer months.

In addition to these deeper and more fancied deep water sites, little known shallow reefs stretch from Torquay toCoral Reef - Torquay Gatakers Bay and can be found less than couple of hundred meters from the beach.  A meter of water covers this dense and colourful reef at low tide making it a snorkelers paradise. 

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This month's tip

Have your dive gear checked with AIRWIZ Dive Equip. Serv. Call Simmo on 0413669671 Your local Service Technician.

Relax and enjoy you dive.