Fishing in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is truly blessed with some of the best fishing locations in Queensland, indeed it's up there with some of the best fishing in the country.  The fishing here is so good, that Hervey Bay is often featured on Weekend Television lifestyle programs.

These pages has been compiled to provide as much information about fishing inAlvey Reels - Hervey Bay Hervey Bay as we possibly can.  We've got everything from detailed fishing maps (including GPS coordinates), to information about the various fish species you might find in Hervey Bay waters including their feeding habits.  We've even put together a list of suggested tackle configurations to help you snare your favourite Hervey Bay fish! 

We'll list every fishing tackle shop in town with their telephone numbers, a link to their websites and we will even show you where they are located using an interactive Hervey Bay Tackle Shop Map.

It doesn't matter if you own your own fishing boat, have a friend who owns a fishing boat or if you don't have access to a fishing boat at all.  There is plenty of great fishing in Hervey Bay where boats are not required (piers, rock walls, beaches, rivers, estuaries etc...).  We will cover all aspects of fishing in Hervey Bay, not just those that require a fishing boat.  FishnTales - Hervey BayFor those of you who want to go out on a boat but don't have access to one we'll provide you with contact details for fishing charter companies in town who offer some truly fantastic sport & game fishing activity in Hervey Bay waters.

Did you know Hervey Bay has an artificial reef, originally constructed in 1968, named the Roy Rufus Artificial Reef.  This reef has become home to some Hervey Bays finest fish species and as a result, the fishing over the reef isn't bad either!  Since the fish have made it their home there is generally a great chance of landing something wonderful for the dinner table.  To learn more about the Roy Rufus Artificial Reef, read my other pages.