Maheno Shipwreck Fraser Island

the Maheno story

Built in Dumbarton 1905, for the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand.  The second turbine steamer to land in Australia arrived in Melbourne, then Port Jackson on 14th November 1905.  Lbd 400 x 50.2 x 30.8 ft

Now resting on the eastern side of Fraser Island, this once 122 metre long luxury steamMaheno Captain - Hervey Bay ship, held the speed record between Sydney and New Zealand.  Serving her time in the first world war this luxury liner became home to many thousands of sick and wounded troops ferried across the English channel.

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While being towed to her final resting place, a cyclone caused the towing cable to snap, leaving this majestic ship to flounder in rough seas of Fraser Island, later to become a now Japanese T40 - Hervey Bayfamous landmark.  Locals soon learnt of her demise, making it a holiday retreat like no other.  After a few years the sea took a severe toll, followed by the outbreak of the second world war.  This now rusting hulk soon gave her services to the war effort once again by becoming bombing practise for the Australian Air Force.

Re-fitted after the war to her previous glory, she made several trips between New Zealand and England.  The outdated steam ship soon fell victim to the more modern means of transport.  She was sold to a Japanese Company for scrap after being decommissioned in 1935.

This sad but now rusting Skelton is loved to death by many visitors who stop and marvel at this once heroic vessel.